Obama Could Gain Sway Over a Weaker Netanyahu

Baz Ratner / Reuters

If you'd read reports in the past week from pundits and journalists here, you might've concluded that the election for the prime minister post in Israel was over before it began - Benjamin Netanyahu was unlikely to lose his day job. But with the Likud party now caught between popular far right-wing parties like the Jewish Home Party and more centrist parties such as Yesh Atid, President Obama may have more leeway in his dealings with a less powerful Netanyahu. Peter Beinart wrote about Benjamin Netanyahu's now delicate position and what a more politically diverse Knesset could mean for Israel in The Daily Beast. He had this to say about a coalition between Netanyahu and parties that fall further to the right on the political spectrum:

...the Israeli leader faces two unappetizing options. The first is a small coalition dominated by right-wing and religious parties. If he goes this route, his government will be dominated by people who want to murder the two state solution and hold a party to stomp on its grave. ...Such a government would be so unpopular across the world, and even in much of the American Jewish community, that Obama would find it easier to publicly express his displeasure. And such a small coalition, facing so much global disdain, would find it hard to survive for long.  

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