A Sign, From Above

REUTERS/OOO Spetszakaz


So, that makes two Scary Space Rock headlines in a week. First, the reporting on that asteroid with the sexy name, 2012 DA14, which made a drive-by of Earth. We had about a year's notice for that visit. Then, we were taken by surprise when a meteorite hit Siberia Friday morning. So, what do these signs from above tell us? Well, for Schwartz Fellow Konstantin Kakaes, they should be a wake-up call.  As Kakaes puts it, DA14 posed no danger, "in the same way that a gun fired a half-inch above your head does." However, NASA is unprepared for dangerous objects. A Bruce Willis interception act wouldn't work in the real world. In a not-very-reassuring follow-up,  Kakaes tells us that the surprise meteorite in Siberia was too small for the space-scanners we do have.