The State of the Schools

Ever watch the Super Bowl with a diehard fan of the winning team? We’re imagining it was probably a lot like viewing the State of the Union with a member of New America’s Education Policy Program on Tuesday.  As we pointed out earlier this week, President Obama gave several of the program’s mainstays (pre-K education, college accountability, and retooling the financial aid system) significant airtime during the speech, laying out policy proposals that could fundamentally change the U.S. education system.

Here's a roundup of the Education team's analyses of the president's proposals:

What big political challenges does the president’s pre-K plan present?

How President Obama will finance his pre-K plan is a big unanswered question. How is pre-K currently funded?

And how will the plan define “quality?”

Why Georgia and Oklahoma have such great pre-K systems – and what those systems can teach us.

The “earth-shattering” higher education policy initiatives the president didn’t include in his speech.

The one thing President Obama and Sen. Marco Rubio agree on.

Will students actually use the new college scorecard?