The Secret Behind Brooklyn's Strong WiFi

Even though it was one of the areas worst hit by Superstorm Sandy last fall, Red Hook, Brooklyn, residents still had better wireless Internet access than many other New Yorkers in the storm's aftermath. That was partly because of the work of a local organization called the Red Hook Initiative and the New America's Open Technology Institute in building out a community wireless network. The work aims to combat poverty by connecting more residents to the Internet. Exclusion from Internet is highly correlated with poverty and social exclusion in general. An Internet connection provides access to job searches, applications and social support services.

After proving its resiliency ­ and relevance to the community ­ in the wake of the storm, the Red Hook wireless network was primed for expansion. And who better to undertake that expansion than local residents participating in a training program to become "Digital Stewards?" Watch this video feature to learn more about these residents, and their work beyond
establishing the wireless network.