Financial Aid: A System Designed to Fail?

"A system that's designed to fail," is how Kevin Carey describes today's financial aid system for college undergraduates.  Every parent fears the eye-popping complexity, but that complexity can actually end the college dream – and the American dream -  for some students.   In this In the Tank Podcast, we hear about some of those students, and learn how better policy can help fix the crisis.  Carey, Director of New America's Education Policy, which just published a paper on the topic, talks with Jason DeParle, Schwartz Fellow and New York Times reporter, who met four young women, all strong students who faced a mountain of debt and a thicket of red tape. As you'll learn, given today's prices and financial aid structure, many students will spend most of their working lives trying to work off debt, when, just a few decades ago, a similar student could reasonably expect to emerge from college with no debt.