2013 Forecasting Contest

Thank you for participating in the New America Foundation’s 4th annual forecasting contest. The winner will receive a shout-out, bragging rights and maybe even a free meal on us. Note that some of the questions may turn out to have more than one correct answer. As always, our Bernard L. Schwartz's Fellows Program’s crack research staff will have final say in determining correct answers, and a winner. Entries must be submitted by Friday, January 18 at 5:00 p.m.

1. Which novel-to-film adaptation coming to a theatre near you in 2013 will earn more money at the box office on its opening weekend?

2. Which percentage figure will be highest? (Current figures in parentheses.)

3. Which of these countries will receive the most mentions in the print edition of The New York Times in 2013?

4. To which country will John Kerry not travel during 2013?

5. In 2012, a post-election tweet by Barack Obama was the most re-tweeted of the year, with more than 810,000 re-tweets. The most re-tweeted tweet of 2013 will be by a:

6. Which of these events will happen in 2013?

7. Which of the following will occur the most times in 2013?

8. Which item will cost more at the close of business for 2013? (Recent prices in parenthesis.)

9. Which of the following Republican politicians will receive the most mentions throughout 2013 in the print edition of The New York Times?

10. Which of the following individuals will NOT hold their current job as head of government at the end of 2013?

11. In 2013, the stock market in which of these countries will post the best performance?

12. Which company’s share price will appreciate the most (as a percentage) in 2013?

13. Which finalist city will be awarded the 2020 Olympics in September of 2013?

Tie breaker: At the close of business the S&P 500 index (recently at 1453) will stand at:

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